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The CJC – Youth Christian Association – is an association with christian nature and evangelical orientation, composed by volunteers who understand that their vocation is work to rescue young lives through the training and enabling of their leaderships. Motivated by our faith in Jesus, we dedicate ourselves to serve the Brazilian youth trusting that so we demonstrate the love and the merciful grace from our God.
Founded in June 29th 1990, the CJC is formed by an administrative board, composed by 9 members and one executive manager, elected by this counsel.

Our Vision

Be an instrument of God to the rescue, integration and edification of young people and teenagers through the enabling of the leaders.

Our Mission

Engage all possible efforts to create opportunities to the improving the leadership on the churches so they can develop their ministries with maximum efficiency.

We, in front of God, understand that we are called to:

1- Be a reference among the ministries that act with young ones and teenagers in the Brazilian evangelical setting;

2- Be a ministry which emphasis is on prevent common problems to young ones and teenagers;

3- Be a ministry turned to research and production of studies in youth and adolescence area, including the ambit of their social relationships;
4- Be a ministry of excellence on the development of activities of promotion socio-cultural to young ones;
5- Be a ministry that works, whenever it’s possible, in cooperation with churches and other intuitions related;
6- Be a ministry that builds long and stable relationships with institutions and evangelical churches;
7- Be a ministry that watch over administrative integrity and transparence on the treatmentof financial, labour and fiscals issues.

We believe that:

1- The complete happiness of anybody is only possible when the communion with God is re-establish, through the faith in Jesus Christ, “the only way that leads to the Father”, like John 14:6;
2- The Holy Bible, Word of God, is from full divine inspiration, and does not contain mistakes, and is the perfect revelation of God’s wills to the mankind.;
3- Follow the biblical orders, taught to us by the illumination of the Holy Ghost of God, is the essential condition to de development of a mature character and a healthful and balanced personality;
4- Our mission, in last case, is fulfil the God’s proposal to our lives, like Jesus summarized in Matthew 22:37 - 40 and defined in Matthew 28:19 – 20: to love God, to serve the neighbor, to live in communion, to equip disciples and to proclaim the message of the gospel;
5- Is our mission work to create opportunities to young ones know the love and the salvation in Jesus Christ;
6- When a church fail in any aspect of your mission, young ones and teenagers became exposed and run the risk of cooling down on faith, distancing from works and communion in church;
7- The enabling and training of leaders is a fundamental action to the creation of a prevent culture, which will produce, as a natural consequent  the rescue of the young ones from the dangerous that surround them in the crucial moment of their lives;
8- A health youth and adolescence is built by the full development of all areas of life: Intellectual, moral, spiritual, physical and emotional.

Our fundamental values:

1-We depend on God
2- We are responsible
3-We cultivate a trustful ambient
4- We valorize and stimulate the work in groups
5- We esteem the honesty on treatment an on business
6- We always act with humbleness
7- We appreciate and practice the respect for all
8- We seek to be loyal
9- We don’t have pleasure on inequality
10- We seek each day that love become the basis of all we do

What we do in our Ministry:

To fulfil our mission, we promote: Courses by distance or by presence, congresses, conferences, seminaries, camping and symposia, the publication of Novas newspaper, selling of books, magazines and didactic stuff, cultural and social activities.

All of these initiatives are made with the purpose to turn our vision in reality.

What we do to reach out our support:

Our support is obtained through the inscriptions on the events that we promote, agreements and partnerships with other related institutions, selling advertising space on Novas Newspaper,

the selling of products, offers, donations and any other way, that be licit, and do not

hurt the principals of our faith, based in ethical-christian values.


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